Notification of Enabling Access Control System of No.1-5 Apartment Yanghuazhai

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Residents of Apartment Yanghuazhai:

The access control system of No.6 Apartment Yanghuazhai began trials on June 10th, 2014, and it has been working well. For the sake of personal and property safety of the residents, Office of Asset Administration plans to enable the access control system of No.1-5 Apartment Yanghuazhai, and strives for completion before Mid-December. The system of No.5 Apartment Yanghuazhai will go on trial on October 14th. The details are as follows:

1.       Order of enabling and time arrangement



No.5 Apartment Yanghuazhai


No.4 Apartment Yanghuazhai

 Late October

No.3 Apartment Yanghuazhai

 Early November

No.2 Apartment Yanghuazhai


No.1 Apartment Yanghuazhai

 Late November

2.       Procedures

Campus card will be used on the access control system to open the gate. Residents of No.5

Apartment Yanghuazhai please carry your work ID card and campus card and go to 102, Unit 4, Building 24 of Beiyuan community to complete the procedures from 8th October to 13th October(except for holidays and festivals). Residents of other dormitories can complete the procedures after October 8th as well.

Working Hours: 8:30-11:30, 14:30-17:00

Hotlines: 87634622, 66367631

Those who don’t have a campus card please go to the Campus Card Center as soon as possible (hotlines: Jiuli Campus: 87600492, 87600976; Xipu Campus: 66366569). Thanks for your cooperation.

                              Office of Asset Administration & Logistics Department

                                                               Sept. 30, 2014