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Notice of Collecting Use Requirement Information of Non-Standard Rooms in JuanChengzhai, Jiuli Campus

All Units in University, All Faculties and Students:

    In order to further regulate the students’ dorms management in Jiuli Campus, under the framework of teaching and research units in two campuses, Office of Assets Administration re-plans the students’ dorms use arrangement in Jiuli Campus, regionally arranges doctoral students and master students, makes requirements of non-standard rooms in Juanchengzhai No. 1, 2, 8, 9, Graduate School and Students’ Affairs Office and suggests that those non-standard rooms are for Phd students seminars, party activities and young faculties’ work place etc. relating to doctoral students training.

    In order to further improve the efficiency of non-standard rooms in doctoral students’ apartment building, collect information of use requirements from all units in the university and all faculties and students.

One Project Introduction

    There are 25 rooms in Juanchengzhai No. 1, 25 rooms Juanchengzhai No. 2, 24 rooms in Juanchengzhai No 8 and 23 rooms in Juanchengzhai No. 9 for allocation. There are mainly two kinds of rooms: triangle rooms (use square of 12 m2) and small rooms (use square of 9 m2).

Two Basic Requirements

    Above-mentioned rooms are all in doctoral students’ dorm buildings, the manner s of use should meet the doctoral students training and at the same time, satisfy the needs of students dorms comprehensive assort. The allocation object of the above-mentioned rooms is limited to the secondary units in the university and teachers and students at the university.

Three Collection Time

October 29th, 2014 to November 7th, 2014.

Four Application Process

1. Send paper applications to office of Public House Management in Office of Assets Administration in Xipu Campus (1409A).

2. Send digital applications to zcgl@swjtu.edu.cn (please specify the e-mails with “collection of use requirement plans of non-standard rooms in Juanchengzhai, Jiuli Campus). Please note names (students’ number/ job number, schools / departments) and phone number and other contact information.

Five Principal and Contact Information

    If you need construction drawings and other relating materials, you can contact Mr. Ding in Public House Section in Office of Assets Administration. Phone number: 028-66367822.