the Results of Faculty Resting Management Service Evaluation

[2014-11-21  Author: OAA  Hits 86  times]
The Logistic Center:

The Office of Assets Administration evaluates the Logistic Centers service quality of the faculty rooms in No.1 and 9 Teaching Building in Jiuli Campus. Through careful evaluation, the Logistic Centers comprehensive score of faculty resting room service management in No.1 Teaching Building is 94.1. The score in No.9 Teaching Building is 91.07.

According to the evaluation, the service situation is good. But there is still some room to improve service quality: whether the broken sofa get repaired in time, the result of this item is no, some teachers say some sofa make noise, whether service workers can maintain the quiet environment and remind teachers of keeping quiet, the result of this item is no. To maintain the quiet environment in faculty resting rooms, it requires service workers endeavor and teachers attention.

The Logistic Center should further attach attention to service and management and actively take action to improve service quality and management.