First Inventory of University Accessorial Buildings and Landscape Structures

[2014-12-02  Author: OAA  Hits 67  times]

   To establish long-term management mechanism of assets such as, accessorial buildings and landscape structures, from the angle of assets administration, producing the spillover effect of assets administration, forming the educational atmosphere, Office of Assets Administration plans to take inventory of accessorial buildings, landscape structures and historical buildings and file them for the first time.

According to the university’s general arrangement of assets inventory, for this kind of assets is located in different campuses, to make the assets management and protection get popular support from all the faculty, students and alumni, Office of Assets Administration combines the work with the reality of university and draws up a detailed plan. The plan will be carried out in steps and phases. For now, the major work is taking inventory of accessorial buildings and landscape structures.

   Accessorial buildings and landscape structures are the important part of university cultural heritage and educational environment. In October, Office of Assets Administration organized students from different schools as general survey teams. Members from Office of Assets Administration led the teams to take inventory of this kind of assets in Jiuli Campus and Xipu Campus. After organizing information, we launched a second check on these assets, built the basic file of accessorial buildings and landscape structures in two Chengducampuses, made clear the location of accessorial buildings and prepared the first-hand data for future maintenance and management.

   Office of Assets Administration is processing collected data to form three kinds of materials: basic information register forms, CAD schematic diagrams and literal instructions.