Alter the Check-in Yuanghuazhai Access Control System and Enhance Service Quality

[2014-12-02  Author: OAA  Hits 71  times]

To better protect the personal and property safety of the residents living in Dormitory Yanghuazhai, Office of Asset Administration and Logistics Department decided to strengthen their management. Currently, access control systems of No.3-6 Dormitory Yanghuazhai are on trial. Residents please go to Beiyuan Building 24 to check in before the systems of No.4-6 Dormitory Yanghuazhai are enabled. Office of Asset Administration has collected residents’ opinions and had a discussion. For the sake of convenience and saving time, Housing Reform Office consulted with Campus Card Center. As a result, procedures of checking-in have been altered. Now, account numbers of faculties provided by Campus Card Center are directly used to conduct procedures by Housing Reform Office. Residents needn’t go to appointed place.

      The alteration of check-in procedures has avoided the phenomenon of people lining up in the office and saved residents’ time. Office of Asset Administration will try to enhance our management and provide better service in the light of People First, Service First.