Report of Transforming Northern Baths into Food Processing and Delivery Base

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Various Departments, faculties and students:

The project of installing heat pumps providing hot water in Xipu campus dormitories has been completed, and both southern and northern public baths are officially out of service. According to regulations of Southwest Jiaotong University Public Housing Administration, the public baths will be reclaimed and allocated as needed.

Food Service Center of Logistic Department made an application to authorities. To provide better service to faculties and students, Food Service Center suggested establishing a food processing and delivery base which needs relatively independent space and area. Office of Asset Administration has done some discussion and research repeatedly and decided to allocate the primary northern public baths (covered area of 1660 square meters) area to Logistic Department. It is consented that the primary northern public baths can be transformed into a food processing and delivery base.

                                                      Office of Asset Administration

                                                              December 1st, 2014