Special Remediation Operation of Desultoriness, Fickleness and Delay

[2014-12-15  Author: OAA  Hits 78  times]

According to University’s requirement for the special remediation operation, Office of Assets Administration Party Branch thought highly of the operation, quickly responded to the call, launched a special research on the subject and initiated the special remediation operation of mediocre performance, laziness, desultoriness, fickleness and delay in work.

On 4th December afternoon, all members in Office of Assets Administration held Party Branch Meeting. The meeting was hosted by Party Branch Secretary Che Wei.

Firstly, Che Wei conveyed detailedly University’s “On Working Program of Special Remediation Operation of Mediocre Performance, Laziness, Desultoriness, Fickleness and Delay in Work and our working program.

   He also arranged the learning session of “President Xi’s Important Speech on Mass Line Practices Conference”. The time was set on 11th December afternoon.

   Previously Office of Assets Administration Party Branch had started to report the information of the special remediation operation. Office of Assets Administration would continue to arrange the special operation according to the spirit of the meeting. With refreshing spirit and good performance, Office of Assets Administration would embrace the commencement of the 14th University Party Representatives Congress.