Zhang Bin Chief Accountant Work on the Site in the Comprehensive OfficeBuilding

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At 3 in the afternoon of 8th December, 2014, Chief Accountant of the University Zhang Bin, Section Chief of Office of Assets Administration Zhang Dongfu, Deputy Section Chief Che Wei, members of Office of Public House Administration, Deputy Section Chief of Office of University Planning and Construction Du Zanhua and members of the office, Chairman of the Labor Union Luo Qianchao and Office Director of Labor Union Office Li Yonggang worked on the site in the Comprehensive Office Building. Deputy Section Chief Du Zanhua introduced the progress of the construction; Section Chief Zhang Dongfu introduced the allocation plan of the office building based on the requirements of National Development and Reform Commission and asked persons from Labor Union the possible allocation of three floors of empty space.

    Chief Accountant Zhang Bin required that Office of Assets Administration would report the Comprehensive Office Building Allocation Scheme and relevant problems, make good performance within the scope of administration, hand over those projects which can not be done or should be done by other departments to higher leaders for making further decisions and allocate theComprehensiveOfficeBuildingwell.