Notification on Residents of No.1-6 Dormitory Yanghuazhai Renewing Contacts

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Residents of No.1-6 Dormitory Yanghuazhai:

Up to December 5th, the access control systems of No.1-6 Dormitory Yanghuazhai have all been enabled. For those whose contracts are expired or to be expired, your cards to No.6 Dormitory Yanghuazhai will be effective to the system until December 31st and to to No.1-5 Dormitory Yanghuazhai until January 4th, 2014. Expired cards will not work after the scheduled date. To avoid the inconvenience might brought by expiration. Residents who haven’t renewed your contracts please go to Beiyuan Building 24 Unit 2 No.2 and complete the renewal procedures as soon as possible. Hotline: 87634622, 66367631.

Thanks for your cooperation.


              Office of Asset  Administration                                                                                         

                                December 18th, 2014