Recent Mindset of staff of Office of Asset Administration during New Term Beginning

[2015-03-30  Author: OAA  Hits 63  times]

In order to promote and ensure the consistency of all work, staff of Office of Asset Administration stayed on guard during the winter vacation. Assigned people were on duty and all staff started working ahead of schedule. Office of Asset Administration has held two separate meetings regarding work arrangement during winter vacation and new term work arrangement on January 1st and March 4th.

At the first meeting on January 1st, Director Zhang made a summary about all work during 2014 and our annual performance review. Requirements to be done in the new term were put forward. In the meantime, he also directed the staff on the work consistency and emphasized precautions for certain events. Different tasks were assigned.

At the second meeting, Director Zhang gave a speech about the important spirit conveyed through the 14th Party Congress held during January 24th and 25th and the Winter Vacation Retreat held during March 2nd and 4th. All staff has learned it thoroughly with zealous concern and support for university goals and measures.

Office of Asset Administration will continue paying close attention to the emphasized work and explore the highlights of our work.

All staff have expressed that the success of Party Congress has enlightened the development of our university and joint efforts are to be made to achieve all the goals.