The 14th Party Representatives Meeting and the Second Semester Meeting Spirits

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To be well prepared for the new semester, members of Assets Administration Office returned to university in advance on March 4th and started their work. In the morning, all sections arranged their internal affairs and reviewed their work in the end of the last semester. At 2:30 p.m, leaders of the Office held a meeting to thoroughly study the University 14th Party Representatives Meeting and the spirits of the Second Semester of 2014-2015 Academic Year Winter Vacation  Meeting. Section Chief Zhang Dongfu presided over the meeting.

First, Section Chief Zhang passed on the main content of the University 14th Party Representatives Meeting. Section Chief Zhang read Chairman Wang Shunhong’s , the representative of SWJT University 13th Party Committee report and interpreted it in detail combined with the development of the university and at the same time emphasized the focus and developmental direction of the Office of Assets Administration and university assets management. He emphasized that the report is an important instruction for the work in the future and everyone should learn it thoroughly and implement it in your work. Facing a great deal of pressure when we do our work, we should find solutions with our best endeavor and make contribution to the university.

Later, Section Chief Zhang passed on the main information of the University Principles-Discussing Meeting. He attached great importance to President Xufei’s speech titled Adapt to New Normality, Make a Difference. He particularly emphasized President Xufei’s important work arrangement of 2015 including 10 aspects and 71 items and the focus of assets administration. He also passed on the concluding speech from Chairman Wang that the university should implement the aims and work of the University 14th Party Representatives Meeting in the future. He detailedly interpreted the speech of Chief Accountant Zhangbing who administrates the university assets management.

In the end, Section Chief Zhang stressed the important work that should be started and required that all members of the office should be well prepared for the work in this semester.