Meeting Held by Chief Accountant Zhang Bing in Office of Asset Administration

[2015-03-30  Author: OAA  Hits 67  times]

In order to investigate and survey Office of Asset Administration, chief accountant Zhang Bing held a meeting at 9am on March 11th. He arranged the workload in 2015 for section-level and above-level cadres and listened to the 2015 key work report. All the section-level and above staff attended the meeting.

Director Zhang Dongfu delivered the 2015 key work report. Section chiefs of Asset Administration Section, Operation and Supervision Section, House Reforming Section and Public Housing Administration have given an account of the difficulties encountered through the carrying out of scheduled plans. Chief accountant Zhang gave some guiding principles and put forward specific requirements.

Chief accountant Zhang has given credit for the office’s work style of active thinking and planning in advance. Office of Asset Administration is required to implement the important instructions made by Secretary Wang Shunhong and President Xu Fei. Due to the arduous work this year, all staff should continue committing to their work, making detailed plan and specifying time nodes in the mean time. Moreover, the office should be diligent and thrifty and take efficient measures to increase income and reduce expenditure.

Eventually, chief accountant Zhang Bing complemented on the good work done by Office of Asset Administration and believed better work can be done. His very own contribution will be made to promote the university’s development.