Brief Report on the 2014 Work Evaluation of Office of Asset Administration

[2015-04-17  Author: OAA  Hits 62  times]

In the middle of January, several experts were invited to make an evaluation of the work of Office of Asset Administration in 2014. Through the comparison of this year and last year’s evaluations, it can be seen that all colleges have raised awareness of asset administration and put increasing emphasis on asset administration. Various management systems are being established and completed. In order to better carry out all the work, Office of Asset Administration has drawn up feedbacks for every department according to the evaluation results.

On March 24th, Office of Asset Administration has submitted all the feedbacks to 22 colleges and in the mean time Document of Southwest Jiaotong University State-owned Asset Administration in 2013 and 2014. Consequently, every college will know better about the asset administration policies of our country and university and then do the work with clear purpose.

In the days to come, our office will provide consultations and solutions for the administration of university asset as always and try to promote our administration level.