Professional Student team is officially established

[2015-05-04  Author: OAA  Hits 115  times]

In order to better serve the faculties and students, continuously promote teaching environment, improve utilizing efficiency and enhance information transparency, Office of Asset Administration has selected a professional student team out of the whole university. The team consists of undergraduates and graduates forming publicity group, research and development group, surveying and mapping group and information-collecting group.

The main duties of research and development group are to establish an online platform that is convenient for faculties and students to search housing information and departments to search, amend and calculate their public housing information. Surveying and mapping group will, step by step, draw the electronic records of buildings in both Xipu campus and Jiuli campus, which lays a solid foundation for future digitalization construction and information platform. Information-collecting group is responsible for gathering and giving feedback for the applying condition of various houses and problems raised during faculties and students’ research work. In the meanwhile, publicity group’s work is to promptly report the efforts made to adjust house allocation by public housing administration department and secondary units.

In the future, the student team, along with Office of Asset Administration, will make unremitting efforts to provide better service for faculties and students in the sole purpose of developing talents. It is believed that the team will grow and learn a lot as they keep getting in-depth knowledge of public housing administration.