Initiation of SWJT University Xipu Campus Office Building Inspection and Transfer

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The initiation of SWJT University Office Building inspection and transfer is held at 9:00 on April 7th, 2015, at temporary 217meeting room in Xipu Campus Office Building. The Office of University Plan and Construction, Office of Assets Administration, Internet Center, Security Office, Office of LogisticOffice of Laboratory and Experiment Equipment Administration and three user units including Party Committee Office, Presidential Office and Party Committee attend the Initiation Meeting..

During the meeting, Deputy Director Che Wei introduces the major content of the meeting, and proposes some suggestion to receiving units of Property Management, Security, Fire Safety, Internet and Communication and Power and Water Supply during the inspection. Che’s suggestion is reported to the Office of University Plan and Construction which is responsible for coordinating with Construction Company to better the building service.

Deputy Director of University Plan and Construction Du Zanhua introduces the Xipu Campus Office Building Project. Units attending the meeting introduce the future work.

At last, Office of University Plan and Construction organizes inspecting and transferring units companying by the construction company to carry the site acceptance test. Units using the building examine the rooms and equipment. Units of Logistics Management, Internet and Communication, Water and Power, Security and Meeting Room Equipment start to inspect rooms and equipment in the building. The work will last a month and will be finished on May 7th, 2015.