the Conference of Office of Asset Administration Party Branch

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 ——Carries out the Party Member Democratic Appraisal and Excel in Performances during 2013-2015      

    In order to better carry out the project Excel in performances during 2013 to 2015, Office of Asset Administration Party Branch held a meeting at 1409 in Xipu campus at 2pm on May 7th, 2015 in the light of the requirement of university Party Committee. Three major issues, namely, Party member democratic appraisal, Three Classification and Three Escalation discussion and Excel in Performances election were discussed in the meeting.

In the meeting, Che Wei led the attendees in learning the spirit of Notification of Launching 2013-2015 Excel in Performances Election and made clear of the meeting procedures and requirements. Party member democratic appraisal in the theme of Implementing the spirit of Congress of Party Representatives and Focusing on Development was then unfolded.

Secondly, Party Branch made a self-assessment according to Three Classification and Three Escalation and all Party members evaluated the Party as advanced.

    Thirdly, Party Branch selected an Outstanding Party Member and an Outstanding Staff in Party Affairs on the basis of the Party member’s performances during the last two years.

    Eventually, Che Wei ended the meeting with a summary, showed his gratitude to the staff for their dedication and efforts and delivered arrangement of the submission of Excel in Performances.