Series Reports on Office of Assets Administration’s Devoting to Teaching Conditions Betterment

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As management department of public houses, Office of Assets Administration focuses on teachers and students’ working, learning and living needs, studies the situation based on teachers and students’ different needs and tries to improve working, learning and living conditions. In this section, Office of Assets Administration will report on the teaching and learning improvement.  

Create an Oasis in Dormitory Building Park---Operation of Activity Rooms after Restoration

To know the effect of activity rooms on teachers and students’ working and learning situation, reporters of Office of Assets Administration interview Xu Haijin from School of Mathematics.

According to Mrs.Xu, activity rooms are highly used and cover a wide range of usage, especially, in its use of Youth League Committee meetings and students club activities. Compared with classrooms, activity rooms are of high efficiency and flexibility and provide teachers and students with convenience. On the other hand, activity rooms also become the popular place for leaning and discussion.

Mrs. Xu said, “it is a good to have facility like activity rooms, and a good facility is in need of discreet management regulations”. It is understood that activity rooms are under the general management of Students Work Group. Everyday part-time volunteers will take shifts in a fixed time. Also, students can file an application to the School and use the activity rooms when they need, which highly improves the efficiency of activity rooms and provides convenience to students’ project study.

In the end, Mrs. Xu said, “activity room is a long tradition, thank you for the support from Office of Assets Administration, and I believe that through the cooperation between Office of Assets Administration, Office of Students Affairs, University Youth League Committee and Office of Students Enrollment and Employment, activity rooms can provide teachers and students with better learning and living conditions in the future.”