Introduction of OAA

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Office and  Asset Administration is a department which is due to the state-owned assets management according to law, and performs " the state-owned asset management approach of Southwest Jiaotong University", co-ordinates school functions centralized allocation of resources. Whose main responsibilities are:
    First, it is responsible for the daily work of the Office of the State-owned Assets Management Committee .
    Second, it is responsible for establishing and improving the school grading and classification of state assets management responsibility system in accordance with the unified leadership, centralized planning, category management , principles of used classification.
    Third, it is in charge of state-owned assets supervision, led the establishment of the classification system of school assessment and evaluation using state-owned assets and operations , and organizational assessment and evaluation.
    Fourth, it is responsible for establishing asset management information systems and resources on scheduling platform, and organization and operation and maintenance.
    Fifth, it is responsible for property management of state-owned assets , the organization of state assets verification , registration, statistics , assessment, disposal.
    Six, it is responsible for the public school property ( including all types of public housing , apartments ) and co-ordination of facilities management. Responsible for the allocation of resources and real estate , restoration and improvement of work -related adjustments ; responsible for the completion of the asset to receive job listing.
    Seven, it is responsible for asset management behavior management , working with relevant departments to taxable ; responsible for the new BOT, BT demonstration projects and coordination of the lead co- convergence -related matters during the period.
    Eight , according to the school's development plan, it is responsible for the allocation of resources argument, adjust , collect and collate relevant information and data to provide a basis for school decision-making .
    Nine, it is responsible for the housing system reform school related work ( housing system reform leading group office affiliated ) .
    Ten, it is responsible for the guidance of related work in Emei campuses and Tangshan office.
    XI, it is responsible for completing other tasks assigned by our university.


The current  leaders:



Office Telephone

Zhang Dongfu


66366311 XiPu New Campus)

Che Wei

Vice Director

    66366646 XiPu New Campus

Meng Jin

Assistant of Director

  66366321 XiPu New Campus

Song Xin

Assistant of Director

  66366646 XiPu New Campus