Reponsibilities of Asset Management Section

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       1. According to relevant national policies and regulations,drew up relevent university

2. Responsible for routine work of State Asset Management Commission office.  

3. Responsible for overall management of university’s state-owned assets and establishment of physical assets general ledger.

4. Lead registration,alteration and annual inspection of university’s state-owned property right.

5. Responsible for overall management and establishment of university assets management information platform.

6. Implement annual routine university assets examining and give conclusive report.

7. According to relevent laws and regulations, requirements of superior competent departments and authorization of SWJTU State Asset Management Commission,organize inspection and evaluation of university’s state-owned assets.

8. Responsible for assets deposition matters reported by appointed departments and submit to a higher level for examination and approval according to relevant regulations.

9. Responsible for collection and systemization of university’s stated-owned assets information, establishment of statistical report system, regular reports and relevant statement and information giving to SWJTU State Asset Management Commission and superior competent departments.

10. Responsible for investigation of university’s state-owned assets management, proposing improvement plans and measures.
11. Participate in adjustment and demonstration of university’s resource allocation and provide a basis for university decisions.
12. Coordinate and participate in demonstration, bidding and purchasing of university asset addition.

13. Complete other temporary work in the department.

Staff Members



Office Number

Meng Jin

Section Chief


Deng Ya Hong

Deputy Section Chief


Ni Cheng Jun