Responsibilities of Asset Operation Section

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        1. Responsible for the organization and implement of national administrative provisions related to asset operation, and protocols of SWJTU assets managing and adnimistrating rules and regulations.

2. Responsible for supervision and administration of asset operation including public housing operation and paid service of proprietary facilities.

3. Responsible for planning sites of business operation in Chengdu campus and establishment of reasonable and well-organized business sites layout.

4. Responsible for examining and approving Chengdu campus assets operation matters and verifying assets operating agreement.

5. Responsible for the oganization of feasibility research and demonstration on matters of relevant departments and experts conducting external investment and loaning.

6. Responsible for the demonstrations of new BOT and BT project in Chengdu campus.

7. Lead coordinated work related to Chengdu campus BOT project and supervise implementations of BOT project.

8. Assist related departments on Chengdu campus assets operation work and taxable work of paid service income.

9.Complete other temporary work in the department.

Staff Members



Office number

Chen Tong

Section Chief

66367691Xipu Campus

Deng Yuan Xi

Deputy Section Chief

66367691Xipu Campus

Cao Yu Jie


66367823Xipu Campus