Responsibility of Public Housing Management Section(resources scheduling center)

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1.According to relevant national policies and “SWJT university State Assets Administration Methods”, establish university public property management system and implement it.

2.According to university development planning, lead research and demonstration of aggregate demand of public property; collect and organize relevant materials and data to provide decision-makers with information.

3. Responsible for management of public property demand in Chengdu campus and accounting of secondary unit housing quota and area.

4.Responsible for the inspection and acceptance of completed infrastructure projects, acceptance of the entity(including completion materials), registration of building projects, account reconciliation of rebuilding and expansion, repairing and reconstruction projects. 

5. Lead allocation and adjustment of Chengdu campus public property and infrastructure and relevant reconstruction work. 

6. Establish evaluation system of Chengdu campus public property utilization efficiency.

7. Responsible for daily management of university public property information and regular inspection of public property use.

8. Responsible for operation and maintenance of university public property centralized management information platform.

9. Responsible for Chengdu campus public building property right and public house disposal.

10. Assist other departments to complete submission of open-to-the-public information.

11. Complete other temporary work in the department.

Staff Members



Office Number

Song Xin

Section Chief

66366646 Xipu Campus

Chi Yanyan

Deputy Section Chief

66367822Xipu Campus

Yuan Dongyao


66366326 Xipu Campus

Ding Yuan


66367822 Xipu Campus

Zhang Siqin


66367822 (Xipu Campus)