Responsibility of Housing Reform Leading Group Office

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 One. Public Housing

1. According to relevant national policies and “SWJT university State Assets Administration Methods”, draft management regulation of various university public housing (including teaching staff temporary houses, low-rent houses for teaching staff members in special difficulty and students’ dormitory apartments).

2. Responsible for establishment, operation and maintenance of public housing management information platform and effective management and supervision of various public housing uses.

3. Responsible for allocation and management of teaching staff temporary houses and infrastructure; establish complete teaching staff temporary housing management system.

4. Responsible for handling teaching staff’s demand for temporary houses, qualification examination, house arrangement, occupancy and withdraw.

5. Responsible for allocation and overall management of low-rent house for teaching staff members in special difficulty.

6. Responsible for allocation and overall management of various students ‘dormitory departments, and adjust housing supply for undergraduates, graduates and postdoctors according to enrollment scale; responsible for adjusting and arranging remaining house resources. 

7. Responsible for examining and approving plans on various public house repairing and reconstruction.

Assist relevant departments in determining property management mechanism and participate in property management bid and evaluation and so on.

Two. Housing Reform

9. Responsible for implementing university housing system reform. Publicize, execute policies and regulations’ on housing reform introduced by state, provincial and municipal government.

10. Responsible for communicating with relevant sections in Chengdu Urban and Rural Housing Bureau to make sure the smooth transmission of orders from above and information from below.

11. Lead budgeting and auditing of all staff’s housing allowance end public housing fund. Grant and withdraw allowance and fund according to budget and file all records. Assist Financial Office in submitting information of housing allowance and fund to the public.

12. Responsible for qualification examination, arrangement, occupancy and withdraw and supervision of low-rent house for teaching staff members in special difficulty.

13. Complete temporary work signed by university housing reform leading group and the section.

Staff Members




Office Number

Zhan Hong

Section Chief

66367629 Xipu Campus)、87634621Jiuli Campus

He Jiqiu

Deputy Section Chief

66367629Xipu Campus)、87634621()Jiuli Campus

Wang Xianzhi


66367631 Xipu Campus)、87634622Jiuli Campus

Gao Hongmei


66367631 Xipu Campus)、87634622Jiuli Campus