Office of Asset State Management Convened New-term Preparation Conference

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At the beginning of the term, the Director of Office of Asset State Management Zhang Dong Fu leading staff members visited College of Mathematics. The office of College of Mathematics has moved to Xipu Campus and started working. Deputy Party Secretary of College of Mathematics Li Zhi Hui accompanied Division Head Zhang in examining doorplates of offices, faculty research rooms, academics communication rooms and postgraduate research rooms and explaining decoration partition and functioning situation. Through joint efforts of the whole college, the first stage of moving was basically finished. Administrating office, faculty studios of new doctors and postgraduate studios are currently in use.

After the relocation, the studying facility of faculties and students especially the professors has been improved tremendously. Each professor has an independent office now, and two associate professors share one office. Each postgraduate student has his learning zone.

On February 26, Deputy Section Chief Che Wei leading some staff members visited College of Mathematics and discussed with Secretary Chen Shang Yun and Assistant Yuan Jian about completing the relocation, the existing problems and possible solutions.