Notice: Ensure Apartment Security during 2014 Winter Vacation

[2014-04-24  Author: OAA  Hits 66  times]
Logistics Group:

To implement university security policy, prevent major safety accidents, and ensure apartment security before and during the winter vacation, now the notice is announced as follow:

1.    Each apartment management office should launch an overall inspection on fire safety before the vacation to ensure that the wiring conforms to safety regulations and fire equipment is in good condition. Students staying in dormitories during the vacation are strictly prohibited form using open fire, using appliances violating rules, privately connecting power. Pay attention to electricity safety and eliminate fire hazards

2.    Each apartment management office should launch an overall inspection on students’ dormitories safety protection to ensure that doors and windows are firm and key management is strict. Ensure that the doors and windows are secure after students’ leaving the university and prevent burglary.

3.    Count and manage the students staying in dormitories during the winter vacation well. Operators on duty strictly enforce the registration regulations and forbid visitors form entering the building.

4.    Report safety hazards immediately after they are found, report potential security accidents immediately and handle them as possible as you can to control the situation and minimize the loss.

5.    Please post security precautions notice in the apartment.

6.    Please feedback the inspection results to our section.

Above notice is given hereby.