Office of Asset Administration Strengthens English Learning

[2014-04-23  Author: OAA  Hits 336  times]
 According to the requirements of university internationalization, Office of Asset Administration emphasizes it from the aspects of consciousness, cognition, action and measures and strengthens English leaning. To comprehensively advance internationalization of Office of Asset Administration, the following work should be completed:

Build English Website

According to website design requirements of Principal’ Office and International Office, English Website-Building Group in Office of Asset Administration should carefully carry out the work from the aspects of technique and information.

English website link:

Carefully Organizing and Inviting Teachers for All staffs’ written and oral English training

Invite professional teachers from Foreign Language Schools to teach all staffs for English writing on the first Thursday afternoon of every month. Employ Canadian teacher to teach all staffs oral English on every Tuesday afternoon. 

Through intensive English lessons, during the process of preparing topics after hours, all members should review previous English knowledge and improve English ability.